My old love
Released: 7 April 2022

Mister Peculiar: Vocals, Guitars, Banjo
Laura Tibaldi: Vocals
Felice Matozza: Bass Guitar
Vincenzo Matozza: Drums

Written, composed, arranged and produced by Mister Peculiar
Recorded by Mister Peculiar and Vincenzo Matozza
Mixed by Roberto Priori and Mister Peculiar at PriStudio (Bologna — IT)
Video by Oscarserio Videomaker

© 2022 Mister Peculiar. All rights reserved
My old love

My old love now we're done
I'm in the same place starving for home
I resolved that we ought to part ways
Or I’d be on the fence till doomsday

My old love I'ma regret
I acted up and you, you won’t forgive me
I know the time’s run out for you to still pray
That “we won’t have tomorrow what I gave you yesterday”

My old love I don’t trust what you say
You took things too far, now I ought to stray away
Cause us ain’t the one of those days of yore
Now that what you’ve done has come to the fore

My old love I don't know where you are
Hope you're feeling good now and still reach for the stars
Wonder if you think of me if you hear my name
If you still smile that way, and still feel that flame

My old love it is very hard
Withal our precious two of us is indelibly scarred
I still can’t swear myself if this is right or wrong
And these doubts have been preying on me for far too long

My old love please listen to me
I got a few words for you that I'm trying to sing
It might be the end and we'll take separate ways
But I'll be praying to God for yours to cross mine some day.