Guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer.
Writing songs to tell stories, in each and every way.
For the heaviest limit of a man is the one he gives himself.

In a time where music is gradually becoming a lifeless saleable product, few artists still succeed in staying away from the tempting spotlights and living music as a true, sheer form of art. For Mister Peculiar it's even more: he has always used music as a vehicle to express and instill emotions and feelings to the listener, taking no care for what trends, critics and the music business were dictating. For him, music is only about telling stories; combining the power of folk songwriters' straightforward, philosophical lyrics with haul-away, synesthesia-style music compositions and arrangements, he has always been focused on writing songs primarily to please himself rather than to make money. The lack of a school-type music education tied himself to no particular form of music or style, and helped him keeping out the despised concept of 'music genre' from his writing, leaving him free from boundaries and rules of composition, thus able to explore a broader soundscape.

After few years spent collaborating as both composer and musician with various bands and artists, he began writing and producing music on his own. His first work, "I should follow Steve's thought", was released in 2011, and clearly mirrors his attitude. The record is a collection of raw, unworldly songs which explore and combine together a mixture of folk, blues, psychedelic and rock to tell stories about introspection, unrequited love and hope. The album was shortly followed by the EP "Informal session, pt. 1": an acoustic, more intimate rendition of 4 of those tracks.

In 2014 he released his second work "Changes", a concept-album based around the journey through a young man's mind. The album is a rock opera that narrates the story of a man who, tired of the dullness and frustration of his current life, decides to leave his country but soon realises that just changing place is not enough. It will only be after an intimate and deep walk through his mind that he'll manage to overcome his demons, and finally enjoy the beauty of life. The music uses a wide variety of styles as it follows the development of the story to help explore the character's psychology, highlighting the various moods that accompany his road to discovery. The record was followed a year later by the acoustic EP "Informal session, pt. 2", like its predecessor.

Following a few years of concerts and studio collaborations with other artists, most notably his main side project Blue Lady Spell, he released "Things I'll never learn" and "The loser is back in town" in 2021 and "My old love" in early 2022, the first three singles from his new upcoming album.